Guide to Purchasing Custom Wine Racks in California

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Custom wine cellars in Orange County, California, whether residential or commercial, need custom wine racks installed. Wine racks are not only the safest place to rest your wine collection but also a beautiful way to display them. Modular wine kit racks are becoming more popular these days. There are various kinds of custom wine racks on the market. Here are things you need to consider before purchasing wine racks:

1. Check the Materials Used for the Custom Wine Racks

Be careful of buying wine racks that are made from materials that compromise quality. Never purchase custom wine racks that use plastic cleats/hardware. Wine racks that use plastic cleats/hardware not only look substandard but also are not durable even for short term use. Choose wine racks that utilize wood cleats because these make sure that installation is secure.

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Wine racks can be made of plastic, metal, glass or wood. Metal and wooden wine racks are the most durable. Wooden wine racks are very popular and if you do decide on choosing wooden wine racks for you wine storage room, make sure that the racks are made from quality wood species. Some modular wine racks are made of soft wood, which may be a lot cheaper, compared to racks made of hardwood but these are easily damaged over time. Softwood usually does not do well under ideal wine cellar conditions. Examples of the most common hardwoods used for wooden wine racks include Mahogany, Redwood and Pine.

2. Research about the Wine Rack Manufacturer

Most of the time the quality of modular wine racks depends on the competence of the manufacturer. The wine rack designer and builder you choose should be knowledgeable about the essentials of proper wine storage. You might lose an entire wine collection if you have inferior wine racks installed in your wine cellar in California. Review the previous wine cellar and wine rack projects completed by that company and check previous clients’ testimonials.

Wine Cellar Spec is one of the most trustworthy companies when it comes to custom wine racks in Orange County, CA. They are well-experienced in designing and constructing wine racks, and they take into consideration various factors involved such as bottle size, cellar use, structural integrity, aesthetics, etc.

3. Beveled Blocks are Important

When choosing which modular wine racks to purchase, you need to check for beveled blocks. Blocks are the small horizontal wood pieces where your wine bottles will rest on while beveled means that the edges of the blocks are smoothened. If the edges are not smoothened, they can damage the wine bottle labels. Generally, wine collectors want to show off their favorite wines to their guests. Make sure that the wine rack blocks are beveled so that the labels of your wine bottles remain intact.

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Custom Wine Racks in California by Wine Cellar Spec

4. Choose Modular Wine Racks that are Continually Being Made

One of the many benefits of choosing modular wine racks is that you can expand them in the future as your wine collection grows overtime. But this future expansion of your modular racking is only possible if the wine racks that you chose will still be available. Choose wine racks that are still being made so that even after 10 years, they will still be available and you can expand your wine racking system.

5. Beware of Off-Gassing

Off gassing refers to the process wherein wood, finishes and other materials emit chemicals into the air that can damage the wines in your residential wine cellar in California. As much as style and design is important, you want to make sure that the wood and paints used for your modular wine racks do not release noxious gases or fumes.

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6. Think about Environmental Sustainability

Wooden wine racks in Orange County, CA are made from choice woods. Choose a wine rack builder that is responsible in their use of wood resources. This is one way of ensuring the future generation can still enjoy the benefits of using these choice wood species for their custom wine cellars.


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