A Closet Converted into a Custom Wine Cellar by Expert Contractors

Click to see larger image!Transforming a room into a functional wine storage structure can be an overwhelming task without the help of an expert builder. Cellar conversion projects must be performed by combining correct knowledge about wine storage needs, skills in building an effective storage room, and creativity in creating an aesthetically appealing structure. Recently, Custom Wine Cellars San Francisco completed a conversion project wherein a closet was renovated and turned into a wine room.

Custom Wine Cellars San Francisco Completed a Closet Conversion Project

Click to see larger image!Custom Wine Cellars San Francisco has built numerous wine storage structures in California. Our team of professional builders has consistently provided clients with high quality services by meeting all of their design and construction requirements.

Recently, a client contacted us for help. He enjoyed collecting various kinds of wines. He wanted to have a storage room where he could keep, manage, and display his most prized bottles. The client already had a location in mind for the construction of his storage space. He had an old closet in his house that he wanted renovated and transformed into a wine cellar.

Conceptualizing the Residential Wine Cellar Design

Before any construction activity commenced, the contractors sat down with the client to discuss the details of the cellar design. Thorough planning is an essential factor because through it, we can provide our clients with their individual aesthetic and functional requirements.

The dimensions of the closet were considered in the planning. The room was 7 feet wide and 5 feet deep. The ceiling was 9 feet high. To ensure that the available space was efficiently maximized, our team of expert builders suggested the use of different wine racking combinations. The client also wanted to store bottles of varying sizes. The use of assorted types of wine racks allowed our specialists to meet the client’s storage needs while maintaining aesthetic value. The final design that we conceptualized was a cellar that could hold a maximum of 812 wine bottles.

The Unique Styles and Features of the Selected Wine Racking Systems

The owner, with the recommendations of our team, chose a unique selection of racks for his wine cellar. The assortment of shelves and racking systems made the storage structure look more interesting.

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High reveal display row.
High Reveal Display Row

One feature, for example, was the elegant high reveal display row that ran through the entire length of the cellar. This type of rack was chosen by the client so that he can showcase a few of his wines at a 15-degree angle. The design allows more convenience in browsing the labels and identifying the bottles. Moreover, this slightly tilted configuration of the racks helps keep the corks moist, which is important because air can enter and oxidize the wines if the corks dry up and shrink.

Click to see larger image!Rectangular Storage Bins

Right below the high reveal display row, the builders installed a different type of racking system – rectangular bins. This kind of racking is built for the bulk storage of wine cases. The client wanted rectangular storage bins included because they can help him organize his collection by grouping bottles according to type, variety, and size.

Solid Arched Tabletop

Click to see larger image!The focal point of this distinct custom wine cellar is its front wall racking. Our expert builders constructed a solid arch tabletop and installed a puck light right above it. To accentuate the feature, the client added a framed piece of gorgeous artwork. The cellar owner loved the tabletop because it was a convenient area for decanting and pouring wine. Furthermore, the client can place wine bottles, as well as stemware glasses, on the tabletop.

Individual Bottle Openings and Diamond Bins

Above the solid arch, the builders installed individual bottle opening racks, which were meant for storing standard 750ml wines. Below the tabletop, the team set up solid diamond bin cases. Diamond bins are ideal for bulk storage. The owner wanted these bins included because he wanted a space where wines of the same type can be stored on top of each other, while allowing adequate air to flow across the bottles.

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Individual storage racks above the arched table top.
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Diamond bins for bulk storage.

Click to see larger image!The Type of Wood Used for the Wine Racks

The client, together with our wine cellar design consultants, decided to use Premium Redwood as material for the racks. This type of wood is a popular choice among wine storage builders. Besides its natural aesthetics, it is also known for its high resistance to decay and mildew, which makes it an ideal product for humid environments, such as wine cellars.

Premium Redwood has natural reddish hues that develop into deeper and more pronounced tones as the wood ages. To enhance the material’s color, our team applied a dark walnut stain to the racks. The client was very happy with the racking because it accentuated the overall style of his wine cellar.

Self-Contained Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Installed

Click to see larger image!The ideal storage temperature of 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity of 60% to 70% should be maintained inside the wine cellar. To achieve this climate controlled condition, the client had an HVAC technician install a cellar cooling unit in his wine room.

A self-contained, fully ducted, ¼ ton refrigeration system was mounted in the attic above the cellar ceiling. The equipment was placed on a platform with a drain pan underneath it.

Installation of a Beautiful Wine Cellar Door

Click to see larger image!A wine cellar entryway is the first thing that a person will see before getting to the goods. The client in this closet conversion project had his cellar door designed by our specialists to match the general style of his wine room. Our team of builders made sure that his entryway was not only elegantly designed, but also properly built.

An ideal cellar door will keep a wine room tightly sealed, so that cool air is prevented from escaping and warm air is kept from entering. The client, together with our team of builders, chose a dual pane Barolo glass for this closet wine cellar. Our experts installed weather stripping on all of the door’s sides and placed a threshold at its base.

The dual pane glass allows the client to view the contents of his wine cellar without having to open the door. This benefits his collection because the frequent opening of the door can negatively affect the temperature and humidity balance inside the room, which can consequently damage the wines.

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