Restaurants Can Have a Stunning California Commercial Wine Cellar in a Limited Space

If you are in the restaurant business, success is difficult to achieve if you don’t use effective strategies to satisfy your customers’ needs. If you offer wine for example, it is wise to store it in a beautiful and climate-controlled wine cellar. Space constraints should not stop you from having a well-built wine room. A beautiful commercial wine cellar in Vancouver, built in a small space, serves as an inspiration to California builders. 

A Well-Built Wine Cellar is Necessary in California Restaurants

Salam BombayHome to cozy and lavish restaurants, San Francisco, California is considered a top food-and-wine destination. Most restaurants offer a wide range of wine styles, allowing wine lovers to enjoy their favorite vintage with a meal.

For many consumers, a day without a glass of wine isn’t complete. With great demand in wine, it is best for restaurant owners to invest time and money in a well-designed wine storage space.

Wine lovers want to enjoy their meal in restaurants that offer quality wine. With this in mind, you want to store your wines in a climate-controlled environment.  A refrigerated commercial wine cellar installed with an efficient cooling system will protect wine from being ruined. This will also help build your customers’ trust in your products, leading to increases in sales.

A beautiful commercial wine cellar in California can also help generate profit. The romantic flare and relaxing atmosphere that it creates in your restaurant will encourage customers to dine and buy your wine.

If you have limited floor space, your chosen master builder will find the most suitable storage solution for your needs. Custom Wine Cellars San Francisco has been providing solutions to those who want a restaurant wine cellar built with elegance, functionality, and efficiency.

An Inspiring California Commercial Wine Cellar Project

One of our wine cellar builders in Sausalito, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, sent us this example of a commercial wine cellar built by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Watching wine cellar display projects in fashion capitals helps our San Francisco designers stay ahead of the latest trends.

The core purpose of this commercial wine cellar project was to create an impressive wine display, as well as to be able to store as much inventory as possible in a limited floor space.

Features of the Salam Bombay Custom Wine Cellar – Ideal for California Restaurants with Limited Space

Salam Bombay old wine racks
Modular Wine Racks – Old Wine Storage System of the Salam Bombay Restaurant

Salam Bombay is an Indian restaurant located on Burrard Street in Vancouver. They offer sumptuous meals and a great selection of wine.

They had an old wine storage system, which made use of modular wine racks with square bins. The storage space was small, so only a few bottles were displayed. Additionally, most of the bottles were placed on top of each other. The way they displayed the bottles was not eye-catching, and did not provide easy browsing of the different vintages offered by the restaurant.

The owner wanted to generate more sales, so he decided to transform his inefficient storage system into a functional and attractive wine room.  They chose Blue Grouse Wine Cellars as their builder. Despite the space constraints, Blue Grouse was able to create a wine cellar design with custom features.

Custom Metal Wine Racks for an Eye-Catching Display

Salam Bombay metal wine racking
Elegant Metal Wine Racks Installed by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, they plan and design their clients’ racking system carefully. They always ensure that every wine room they build maximizes space and is visually appealing. To achieve these goals, metal wine racks from Vintage View were used in this project. Many California wine cellar builders have been using Vintage View metal wine racks to satisfy both the aesthetic and functional requirements of their clients.

Salam Bombay Restaurant metal racks
Vintage View Metal Racking Maximizes Storage Space

Metal racks are known for their flexibility. They can fit even in the smallest corner of your room. The floor-to-ceiling height of the metal racks is a great way to achieve space efficiency. These features make this type of racking ideal for a small-spaced restaurant like Salam Bombay.

Vintage View has built their metal wine racks with a label-forward design. Unlike the modular racking, which stacks bottles on top of each other, this great design allows easy viewing of wine labels. Locating a specific vintage won’t consume a lot of time.

Metal wine racks from Vintage View also create an impressive display of wines. The restaurant wine cellar, which is located adjacent to the bar area, creates an illusion of bottles floating in the air. This wine display is eye-catching, and can be an effective strategy in encouraging customers to purchase your wine.

Wine Cooling System for Quality Wine

It is recommended to store wine in areas where there is stable temperature and humidity. This will preserve the desirable taste and aromas in wine. You don’t want to sell a bottle of bad wine to your customers. This will destroy your business’s reputation, resulting in low profit.

Restaurant owners who are serious about increasing their wine sales should invest in a climate-controlled wine cellar. If people love your wine, they will surely come back to your restaurant, not just to order their favorite meal, but to also order their favorite vintage.

In this project, an ONAM wine cooling unit was installed. It has the capacity to maintain the ideal environment in a wine cellar that will be opened on a regular basis. It is also a perfect choice for small restaurants. No adjacent room was needed for the ventilation of the cooling system.

Let a Commercial Wine Cellar Expert Help You Generate Sales

In a restaurant business, one of the ways to generate profit is to have a wine rack display that’s aesthetically pleasing. The transformation of the Salam Bombay modular wine rack display into an impressive wine cellar is an example of excellent craftsmanship. Space constraints did not hinder Blue Grouse from creating an exceptional wine room. This project serves as an inspiration to commercial wine cellars builders in California.

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