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Draw More Customers and Boost Your Sales with These Gorgeous Commercial Rack Displays Designed by Custom Wine Cellars San Francisco 

Click for a larger view of the image!Imagine yourself as one of the customers at your establishment. What will make you want to stay longer after you’ve had a good meal? You look around and check for what else this place has to offer. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a display of fine wines laid down on elegant steel racks. Your interest is sparked! So you stand up and approach the bottles, and as you draw near, you see the labels and find out that this restaurant offers your favorite Moscato! You’ve been dreaming of having a glass for ages, but you can’t find a wine store in your county that sells the brands that you’ve always wanted. Now that you know they’re here, you know you’ll be staying longer than you first intended. You then decide that this restaurant is your new regular hangout place. You know where to take all of your friends next time you want to chill and have a good time!

Beautiful Commercial Display Racks – What Every Wine Business Needs!

Click for a larger view of the image!A prudent businessman knows that appearance matters a lot when running a commercial establishment. It’s a part of their marketing strategy that they should invest in how their store looks. If you want more customers to get into your shop, you have to catch their attention at first glance. This is why entrepreneurs spend money on conceptualizing business names, brands, logos, and signage ideas! As an establishment that sells wines, you need to think about how to display your bottles in a way that attracts attention, so that customers are drawn to buy what you sell!

Here, at Custom Wine Cellars San Francisco, we offer a variety of racking options that can help improve the aesthetic quality of your wine displays. Our wine rack designs range from traditional to contemporary – all made to help you boost your wine sales!

Wooden Wine Racking Systems for Commercial Establishments

Click for a larger view of the image!Traditionally, the material used for creating wine cellars and racking systems is wood. Many people prefer using wood, instead of metal or glass, because it is a product that is easy to work with. Moreover, it is a lot more affordable than metal and glass.

Not all kinds of wood can be used for wine displays. Wooden products that can be used to create racks should be resistant to mold and mildew formation, and they should withstand the high levels of humidity in wine storage structures. A few of the most common wood species used for custom wine cellar construction include Knotty Alder, Pine, Mahogany, and Premium Redwood. These wood types are known for their durability and aesthetic value. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages when used for wine storage.

To know more about wooden cellar and racking construction, click here!

1. Custom-Built Wooden Wine Racking Systems        

Everyone has a preference. Wine business owners may vary in their preferred style or design for their commercial cellar. To meet the different aesthetic and functional requirements, Custom Wine Cellars San Francisco offers custom-designed wine racking systems.

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Design styles for your wine storage facility are limitless. You can have custom features incorporated as well, such as wine barrel art pieces, cigar humidors, furniture, wine tasting rudiments, etc. Being able to customize your commercial wine cellar will help you create a truly unique appearance that will captivate your customers.

2. Modular Wine Racks for Businesses

Standard modular racking, also known as kit wine racks, are an alternative to custom-built display systems. Since they’re pre-designed and ready-made, they’re much more affordable too.

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We, at Custom Wine Cellars San Francisco, offer kit wine racks with various height and width options. Single and double-deep modular racking systems are also available. All of the modules have bottle openings that are 3 ¾ inches wide and 12 ¼ inches deep. These dimensions are adequate for accommodating standard 750ml wines. The most common modular racking styles available are column racks, diamond bins, X-bins, curved corner, quarter round, rectangular bins, arch with tabletop, and half-height.

Modular wine racks are ideal for those who have a collection that continually grows. With custom-built racks, you have a fixed bottle capacity. And, if you need to expand your collection, you’d have to renovate the cellar. With kit racks, you only need to stack one module over another, in order to increase bottle capacity.

Metal Wine Racks for a Contemporary-Looking Display

Click for a larger view of the image!Metal wine racks are the best choice for a modern design cellar. The best types of metal racks are those manufactured by Vintage View Storage Solutions. They offer a variety of steel display collections that include free-standing racks and wall-mounted racking systems.

All of the racks from Vintage View have a label-forward design. This allows your customers to see the bottle labels at first glance. This configuration is advantageous for commercial establishments, because all entrepreneurs want the finest wines they can offer to be displayed for all to see.

Vintage View offers an assortment of stain and finish options as well.

For more information about Vintage View Storage Solutions and their products, click here!

Expert Commercial Wine Rack Display Designer in San Francisco

Let your business bloom to its full potential! Gain more wine sales! Invest in the construction of a gorgeous commercial wine display!

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Custom Wine Cellars San Francisco has many years of experience building beautifully designed wine racks and displays for restaurants and other wine business establishments in California. We can help you plan how your wine racking systems will look. Give us a call today, and we’ll provide you with a FREE 3-dimensional sketch of your commercial wine cellar! Click here!

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Yorba Linda Wine Cellar Cooling System and Wine Cellar Design Project by Arctic Metalworks and Coastal

The wine cellar cooling system is the most significant feature of a home wine cellar design. These control systems are specifically engineered for reaching and maintaining the most suitable and ideal wine storage environment. These wine cellar refrigeration systems make sure that the temperature, as well as the humidity in your home wine cellar are kept between 55 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit, and at 70% RH, respectively.

Yorba Linda Wine Cellar Cooling System
Yorba Linda Wine Cellar Cooling System

Wine cellar refrigeration units come in varying sizes and cooling capacities. Each specific unit can accommodate the unique requirements of a home or commercial wine cellar. Installing the right wine cellar cooling system will help provide the appropriate storage conditions for your wines, for their undisturbed aging.

Just recently, Arctic Metalworks completed a Yorba Linda wine cellar cooling system installation project. The neighborhood is located in the northeast part of Orange County, in California. It spans 8′ x 8′ and is 30 inches deep.

The area may be small, but this custom home wine cellar design can house up to 392 bottles of wine. This wine enclave with high functionality was just a small arched free living space, converted by Arctic Metalworks, who teamed up with Coastal Custom Wine Cellar’s Jerry Wilson and contractor Dave Lakin.

Yorba Linda Wine Cellar Cooling System Installation
Yorba Linda Wine Cellar Cooling System Installation

Because of the very limited space for the custom home wine cellar, Arctic Metalworks chose to install the smallest cooling unit they have — the Arctic 0025 (1/4 HP Split System). This split system is the most convenient cooling unit, because it is the most quiet among all of the cooling systems for wine cellars. A split type is composed of two components — an evaporator and a condenser. Since the two components are separated, the installation becomes flexible and cooling efficiency is increased.

For the Yorba Linda home wine cellar cooling system, the evaporator unit was installed on top of the arched area of the custom wine cellar. The condenser was placed outdoors, and it was connected to the evaporator through the use of a 20-feet line, running between the first and second floors.

Outdoor Line - Wine Cellar Cooling System
Outdoor Line – Wine Cellar Cooling System

This Yorba Linda wine cellar cooling system installed by Arctic Metalworks has a remote controller with LED, and a thermostat, which will allow the home wine cellar owner to set and closely monitor the storage conditions inside the wine cellar, using his own smart phone.

Wine Cellar Cooling System Grilled Cover
Wine Cellar Cooling System Grilled Cover

Additionally, the cooling system was encased inside a grill box made of lattice with a cover, which was customized by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. This box with a cover hides the machine, while at the same time protecting it from external physical and environmental factors. The lattice enclosure was also made out of the same material as the wine racks Yorba Linda — both are clean and seamless looking.

Arctic Metalworks is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality Yorba Linda wine cellar cooling systems in California. They offer yearly maintenance contracts for every cooling unit they install.

Arctic Metalworks

For this home wine cellar design project, Arctic offered to visit the residential wine storage space twice within the year to clean the condenser, check the Freon charge and pressure, test the control for the pump, and clear any debris on the condenser, located outside the wine storage room.

In addition to the Yorba Linda wine cellar cooling system, the insulation and the vapor barriers are also among the most important parts of a home wine cellar design. Insulating the wine room walls will help in maintaining the ideal wine storage environment, while adding vapor barriers will prevent the moisture from moving out of the room. The presence of these components in your home wine cellar will let the cooling unit perform more efficiently, while preventing it from overheating.

For this Yorba Linda wine cellar cooling system installation project, contractor Dave Lakin was the one who applied the insulation, the vapor barriers, and the drywall in the custom home wine cellar. Also, he provided a termination point for the drainage, and a power receptacle for the evaporator. Dave also installed brick panels made of veneer, to give the wine cellar design a rustic look.

Home Wine Cellar Yorba Linda California
Home Wine Cellar Yorba Linda California

The design and installation of the wine racks Yorba Linda was done by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. The bottom half of the wine room is composed of double-deep racks, with case lots and diamond bins, and a single-slot vertical column for additional wine rack storage. The double-deep configuration was ideal for the wine cellar design because of the very limited space — it increased the bottle capacity of the wine room.

Wine Racks Yorba Linda CA
Wine Racks Yorba Linda CA

The top portion of the wine racks Yorba Linda was a single-deep storage and display space, with an arched tabletop of high-reveal display rows, for individual bottle opening. On both far sides of the wine racks are drawers and cabinets, for the wine glasses and paraphernalia.

Moreover, this home wine cellar design and Yorba Linda wine cellar cooling system installation project features a flooring made of reclaimed wine barrel, and an entry door made of seamless glass. The flooring was fabricated from retired oak wine barrels. The flooring added a unique aura to the enclave, — no two wine barrel planks are alike. On the other hand, the frameless glass used as a door simply increased the aesthetics of the entire home wine cellar design.

Home wine cellar construction needs careful planning and carrying out — from the wine cellar design phase until the end of the construction. This is why consulting a wine cellar builder for the right materials and a wine cellar cooling system specialist for the right refrigeration system is important.

3D Wine Cellar Design for this Project
3D Wine Cellar Design for this Project

Arctic Metalworks is one of the leading specialist in Yorba Linda wine cellar cooling system. They can give you the most silent and most efficient cooling units, as well as provide you with free maintenance and unit servicing for free. Their team also works with Coastal Custom Wine Cellars on various custom wine cellar design and installation projects.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars
Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the best when it comes to home wine cellar design in California. From designing to building the wine storage space, Coastal also installs wine racks Yorba Linda along with cellar doors and flooring.

Custom Wine Cellars in California & Different Wine Storage Solutions

Custom wine cellars in San Francisco California provide a safe haven for wines of different kinds to rest and mature. Custom wine cellars that are beautifully designed, properly built, and installed with a quality wine cellar cooling unit can provide the necessary conditions for wines to age properly. There are other ways to store wine besides custom wine cellars in California. Learn more about another means of storing wines by reading through this article.

Wine Refrigerators in San Francisco, California

Wine refrigerators, or, wine chillers, are another option for storing wines. Wine fridges are free-standing units that can store wines at specific temperature settings. Depending on what kind of wine you’re storing, the ideal temperature is usually between 45 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Wine refrigerators in California come in various bottle-capacities, as well as sizes and styles.

Advantages of Using a Wine Refrigerator in California

Wine refrigerators are one of the best places to store wine. They are best for those who are just starting a wine collection. Wine fridges are great because they offer a compact storage system and provide a consistent temperature level. Wine chillers in California are also ideal because they allow bottles to be stored on their sides, and protect them from exposure to light.

Disadvantage of Using a Wine Refrigerator in San Francisco

Wine refrigerators in CA are not ideal for long term wine storage. In fact, storing wines in a wine fridge for a long time might risk damaging them. Generally, wine fridges are not configured to efficiently control humidity levels. Typically, wine fridges are able to maintain a relative humidity of 30%. Long term wine aging requires an ideal humidity level of 60% to 70%.

Maintaining humidity in the ideal level is very important, especially for long term wine storage, because corks will shrink when the environment is too dry. When corks shrink, air can enter the wine bottle, and oxidation might occur. Oxidation causes wine to taste rusty.

For those who are concerned about the capacity of wine refrigerators to control humidity levels, it is best if you consider looking into wine cabinets in San Francisco, California. Wine storage cabinets are more efficient in controlling both temperature and humidity.

If you really are looking into long term wine storage, residential custom wine cellars in San Francisco, California are the best option for you. Not only are they good for long term storage, they can also accommodate more wine bottles than wine refrigerators and wine cabinets. Think about how many wines you intend to store initially, so that you can choose the right storage solution for you.

2 Types of Wine Refrigerator Cooling Systems

There are actually two types of cooling systems used in wine refrigeration units in San Francisco, CA and these are:

1.       The Vapor Compression System. This cooling system is the same system that is used in many standard refrigerators.

2.       Thermoelectric System. This is the most energy-efficient type of cooling system. It works best in homes that are not warmer than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Wines that do not require temperatures cooler than 50 degrees Fahrenheit can be stored in wine fridges that use this cooling system.

Things To Remember When Planning to Construct a Custom Wine Cellar

There was a time when only the rich could afford to have a residential wine cellar built. But today, any wine lover and wine collector can have his very own home wine cellar constructed. If you plan to have a custom wine cellar built in California, here are some points that you need to keep in mind:

1. Know the General Principles of Proper Wine Storage 

It is important that you know the essentials of proper wine storage so that you can identify which companies are truly capable of providing a custom wine cellar that meets the standards for proper wine storage. Wine cellars by Coastal are a some of the most durable, functional and elegantly designed custom wine cellars in Orange County, California.

2. Research on the Company that You Choose to Build Your Wine Cellar 

There are some designers and contractors who think that a custom wine cellar is nothing but a dressed up cupboard for wines. This perspective overlooks the fact that wine is a very sensitive beverage and its resting place should be designed and constructed with care. Every single part of a wine cellar has to be planned well so that the entire wine storage room can provide the ideal conditions for wine to be kept safe. The company you choose to design and build your residential wine cellar in Orange County should be one that understands how wine ages, how it is best stored and what can damage it. Before you decide on trusting a wine cellar company, you have to research first on their previous projects and read testimonials from their previous clients. Coastal is one of the most reliable companies in when it comes to home wine cellar designing and building in California.

3. Be Particular About Materials to Be Used 

There are custom wine cellar contractors who offer a cheaper rate only for you to find out that they’re using cheap materials in building your cellar. It is important that you know the variety of wood species that you can choose from for your wine cellar as well as for your wine racks. Choose wood species that are not only durable, but will also make your residential wine cellar in CA look beautiful.

4. Do Not Overlook the Wine Cellar Door 

The custom wine cellar door is one the most commonly overlooked parts of a wine cellar, whether residential or commercial. The cellar door should never be overlooked, because it is the weakest point of any custom wine cellar in OC, CA. A poorly designed and installed wine cellar door can cause the temperature and humidity inside the wine storage room to fluctuate, and this can damage the wines.

Climate-Controlled Environment in California Wine Cellars

Most wine lovers from all over the world including California, desire for comfort and convenience in accessing their favorite vintages. One of the best ways to achieve this is by having a residential wine cellar. This way, they don’t need to go out and buy their wine, or if an unexpected visitor comes, they don’t have to go searching  to get the best wines to serve them.
In addition to easy access of wine, another main benefit of having a residential wine cellar is proper storage of wine. This means that wine’s enemies (too much light or heat and too low or too high humidity levels, odor, and vibration) can be prevented, thus keeping wine at its best before it is served and drunk.
In order to achieve the optimal conditions needed in a wine cellar to promote graceful aging of wine, crucial components such as a wine cellar cooling system and wine cellar door must be thought of very carefully.

The Wine Cellar Cooling System

A very important component of a wine cellar that aids in maintaining a climate-controlled environment is the wine cellar refrigeration system. Without it, the ideal wine storage temperature of 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity level of 50-70% cannot be maintained, resulting in wine defects.
There are different types of wine cooling systems: self-contained through-the-wall, ductless-split and ducted-split climate control systems. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each type at
Whether your wine cellar is in a garage, basement, or any extra space in your home, a wine refrigeration system is essential. Investing in an efficient cooling unit will save you money in the long run while ensuring that your collection is in good hands.

The Wine Cellar Door

Wine cellar doors are mainly designed to balance temperature, humidity, and light in wine cellars California. The proper entry door to your wine room must be weather-stripped on all sides, double-insulated, and have automatic door bottoms.

These must be kept in mind, or else unwanted warm air will get in the wine cellar. This will then cause your wine cellar refrigeration system to work harder, resulting in high energy consumption. You don’t want to be surprised when you receive your electric bill, do you?
For aesthetic purposes, you can choose glass, wood, wrought iron, or a combination of these materials for your custom wine cellar door. Depending on the look that you want in your wine room, the entryway to your collection can be customized.
Wine Cellars by Coastal offer reliable brands of wine refrigeration systems and a wide array of wine cellar door styles to choose from. Work with them in your next custom wine cellar project. The result is a functional resting place for your collection that is built to last and will be the envy of your guests because of its beauty. Get a FREE 3D wine cellar design by clicking here.

Wine Storage in San Francisco, California That Works for You

A true wine lover knows that it isn’t enough to simply fill your fridge with a few bottles of wine. A true wine lover knows that it is very important to invest in a good wine storage room. A good wine storage area is where a wine collector has a place to display their collection and share it with others. Since the wine collection and the wine storage room will be flaunted to guests, it is very important that it is well built and well designed. This is why some wine aficionados hire professionals to design and build their custom wine cellars. Here are a few ideas for wine storage in San Francisco:

1. Try Built-In Wine Racks

Store your wine collection in built-in custom wine racking. Built-in wine racks are able to store hundreds of wine bottles at a time. You also have the option to keep your wine in individual cubicles, or have them rest horizontally, so that the wine bottle labels are visible to your guests.

2. Walk-In Wine Cellars are Awesome!

It is a great idea to have a walk-in custom wine cellar in California. Having one assures that the homeowner really has granted a special place for his wines in his house. It is always best to have a custom wine cellar professional to design and build your wine cellar. It is important that it is well-made, so that your wines are stored properly. How your wines are stored will largely affect how they will age and how they will taste.

If you have adequate space available, have your wine cellar built with high ceilings and a well-furnished wine racking. It would be classy to have dining tables and chairs beside your wine cellar room in San Francisco, CA so that you guests can sit down and enjoy a few of the wines in your collection.

3. Maximize Space!

If you do not have enough space to build a walk-in custom wine cellar in CA, there are other options available that will maximize your space. Limited space is not a problem if you use a table-top wine rack for storing your wine bottles. Table top wine racks can hold up to ten bottles at a time. Some are made small enough to fit on a bar or countertop. You may even store them in a cupboard.

Regardless of what wine storage style or design you choose, make sure that the right conditions are provided, so that your wines age tastefully. Humidity and temperature should be in their ideal ranges. Exposure to ultraviolet light should also be avoided, and vibration should be prevented as well. For more ideas on wine storage, try visiting wine cellars by coastal. They have a few of the most durable, beautiful and cost-effective wine cellars and wine racks in California.